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Saturday, 2 August 2008

A Philanthropic Genius

A philanthropic genius
Sunit Dhawan
Tribune News Service

Garhi Balb (Rohtak), March 13
Most of us would be confident of knowing tables till 20 or 25. Some having a sound mathematical acumen may remember the tables till 50, while those of us who dreaded the subject might know only till 10 or 15. Meet Surender, a class IX student of Garhi Balb village in Rohtak district, who knows tables till - hold your breath - 11,000.

Ask him any from between and he'll come up with the correct answer in a jiffy. Many a time, he is even faster than calculator. And on knowing the circumstances in which he lives and studies, one feels likes saluting the laborious lad.

Surender's father was an alcoholic and died when the boy was quite young. His mother is not well and is unable to care of Surender and his elder brother. His grandfather somehow tries to make both ends meet with his limited means. Their house is in a shambles.

However, despite all odds, this brave young boy never lost hope and devoted himself to his studies. The depth of his character can be gauged from the fact that Surender teaches younger children of his village in his free time and does not charge any fee from them.

"He teaches our children but refuses to accept any money in return," says an elderly woman of his neighbourhood.

Seeing Surender's sincerity amidst trying circumstances, Rohtak-based Sristi Gyan Kendra, a voluntary organisation, came forward and arranged a monthly scholarship for him.

"Mathematics and English are my favorite subjects and I want to become a teacher when I grow up," he says on being asked about his likes and ambition.

No wonder, this 15-year-old boy is becoming a role model for other children of his village. Having learnt to face adversities with his steel-like will at a tender age, this altruistic genius can be our role model as well.

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